Sometimes in life we need a little help… a little guidance to help us making empowered decisions. Guidance to sometimes validate or give clarity to something weighing on one’s mind. Does this sound familiar? Are you looking for insight to guide you with decisions or clear up some of the unknown? Then a reading may help. Please see the types of readings below:


Mediumship is a term used to describe a specific kind of reading where the Practitioner has the gift of connecting with your loved ones in spirit. This practitioner can receive messages from the other side for you, and even provide closure, validation, and wisdom to you.

Please note: Joshua Zoppi, can attempt to speak to a specific loved one in spirit, and is often successful in reaching your desired loved one, but we cannot guarantee you will speak with any loved one in spirit specifically.

Sessions are offered both in person and virtually.

1 Hour Session: $120.00

Intuitive Reading

Inside a session, Joshua works with his guidance to bring forth insight, messages, and wisdom from the Spirit. Inside of an intuitive reading, you can ask for a message, and/or ask specific questions to receive Divine Guidance about a challenge in your life.

Please Note: Questions and Guidance can only be geared toward and related to the person receiving the reading. Questions seeking insight or “Spiritual Snooping” on another person without their consent or on the person’s child if they are 18 years or older will not be honored. Please respect people’s free will and privacy.

30 Minute Session: $65
60 Minute Session: $120

Past Life Readings

People, places, and situations have a way of repeating themselves in our lifetimes. This often happens so we can learn and grow from them. When they repeat lifetime after lifetime, we’re still in the process of discovering the lesson within that specific relationship, place, or situation. And when we’re stuck in that process lifetime after lifetime, that lesson easily eludes us as frustration with the lesson grows.

A Past Life Reading can help bring clarity to those cycles, generate a healing experience, and bring forth the wisdom of the lesson you’re seeking to evolve from.

Sessions are done both in person and virtually.

30 Minutes: $65
60 Minutes: $120

Threads of Fate Reading